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I look at my calendar and see it's Markiplier day and I'm "what noo... I didn't forget... pfft..."
*looks at clock...* It is absolutely not 12:20am on Saturday...

With that said:

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY MARK! You have been the light in so many people lives including mine. You keep being you, ya dork!
Goth Sketch
I was bored (when I should be doing my finals studying) So I drew Goth.

I just love him so much, he is such a precious bean. Also he's fun to draw especially with a scythe.

Goth by:
This happened....
So its my friends b-day today and he really likes Skyrim so this is our miserable attempt at doing the logo with chocolate sooo yea.
Tagged by Pineconelover12
1. Write the rules or copy and paste them

2. Write thirteen things about yourself

3. Answer thirteen questions made by the person who tagged you and make your own thirteen questions

4. Tag thirteen deviants

5. Make sure they know that they're tagged

6. Don't say "You are tagged if you read this"

7. It's forbidden to not tag anyone

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 1. I'm crawling my way through high school, and I'm only half way through the damn thing.... ugh (only 2 more years.... only 2 more..... *internally screaming*)
 2. my music choice varies from fandom bs to metal music to fuckin celtic music (i don't even know anymore)
 3. I'm still cripplingly obsessed with Undertale.... (can u blame me)
 4. I'm half Russian (i already used that one but idc and I'm out of ideas damnit)
 5. Most of my drawings are done randomly in my note book (mostly in math class... hmmm imagine that...)
 6. I don't particularly like cake... roast me now..
 7. I carry around a 3 year old SONY mp3 player, and i love the damn thing to death
 8. Me and my friends are often referred to as social rejects...  even some of the teachers silently hate us
 9. I spend most of my days sleeping or watching YouTube
10. I get an average of 5-6 hours of sleep most nights (Thanks highschool)
11. One day I was so bored I painted my yellow desk lamp black and teal bc I wanted it be darker... (looks pretty neato if i do say so myself)
12. I go to my public library every 2 weeks to check out a foot and a half tall stack of manga to read during class (my math teacher got real salty at me for a while)
13. I actually got taken down to the office for reading in class to much, even though I was getting an A in the class the teacher,  that sent me down,  was teaching. (man i love school.... *slowly dying on the inside*)


1. Do you prefer wooden or mechanical pencils?
Depends what I'm doing,  but most of the time mechanical bc that what i have on hand... at school.

 2. Do you enjoy colder weather or warmer weather?
The colder the better...  its fits my ice cold soul.

 3. Are you introverted or extroverted?
Hard core introvert... umm yea

 4. What is something you randomly collect/hoard?
collect?  hmmm....  *thinking... thinking... * IIIIII...  got nothing.  Knowing me i prob do collect something, I'm just to tired to think of it.

 5. Do you know what hippopotomonstrosesquipedaliophobia is? Do you have it? If so, I'm sorry.
Yes,  its the ironic name for fear of long words..  I don't have it,  but well played... well played...

 6. Do you have a preference for a romantic mate? (Like looks?)
Breathing... breathing would be good (gotta keep my standards low.. amirite...haha..ha..*wheeze)

 7. Do you do ships? If so which one is your favorite?
YES!  ...I umm *ahem i mean yea i do..  
One of my favs would prob be Afterdeath (if you know what that is then high five )  

 8. Do you have a piercing? Do you plan on getting one?
I just have the one on my ear (where most would get it),  but i was thinking about getting another... maybe

 9. What is your best learning style?
"if you love your children,  throw them into the deep end of the pool" -markipler
aka just throw me in and ill figure the damn shit myself.  

10. What's your favorite type of bear?
red panda... bear?  idk...
(prob not a bear but its a panda and pandas are bears.... kinda)

11. What is your favorite article of clothing?
my grey hoodie i wear every.  single.  day.  (my mom is seriously getting tired of my shit,  but do i give a fuck? no.)

12. Do you keep your nails long or short?
I'd love to grow them out if my nails weren't genetically incapable of doing so... I got some weak ass nails...

13. Are you beautiful?(The correct answer is yes.)
umm...  what u said... I guess?

My Questions:

 1. What kind of hobbies you have?
 2. What fandoms do you like and/or are in?
 3. What would your OTP be? (if you can choose pick one that you like a lot)
 4. Do you like to draw? If yes, tradition or digital?
 5. How much sleep do you get on average?
 6. Do have a "trademarked" look,  or something you wear really often? Describe?
 7. Whats your fav song/genre of music/musician?
 8. What's one thing you carry around everywhere (something you don't like being without)?
 9.What character (from anything) do you relate to?
10. What song or genre of music do think represents you?
11. What colors combinations do you like?
12. Black/white or multicolored? (just in general)
13. Do you like video games?  What genre and/or specific games?

I tag:

Have *cough* fuuuuun... *coughing intensities*
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I am merely a person with nothing better to do than browse the good ol' world wide web..... aka I have no life other than the internet.
In a nutshell, I am trash. I love video games, anime/manga, fanart/fanfics (either from me or others) and other average trash thing.
Note: I am a procrastinator, a HUGE procrastinator. If I ever say I will come out with something and it doesn't, any excuse I will attempt to muster is already invalid now. Take my word for it, I am almost definitely laying on my couch rethinking my life choices. So enjoy whatever things I am not too lazy to submit.


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